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Handbearing Compass

Model Card dia. Lighting Bowl diameter Graduation
HB65G-II 65mm not available 97mm

A best seller Handbearing Compass, of top quality for precision professional use.
Use of a precision marine handbearing compass helps you obtain quick bearings of objects.
Position of your ship can be determined on chart by taking bearings of more than two objects.
Easy to determine bearings by alinging the target sight of prism and the objects.

Card Mica card of 65mm dia
Graduated 0 - 360 degrees in 2 degree
Bold and short lines for every 5 deg sections.
Cardinal points are also added.
Pivot Platinum and iridium alloy for extremely long duty life
Contact point made of artificial sapphire
Prism Visible field: 20 degree
Carrying case Cushoned carrying case for protection during transportation and storage