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Reflector Compass

Model Card dia. Reflector tube length Type approval brochure
SR-165 165mm 645 - 715mm as standardstandard periscope length IMO/MEDCCS(China)DOT(Japan) PDFPeriscope

・ISO Class A Magnetic Compass
・Passed through Vibration Tests in accordance with the latest requirements.
・Simple design for periscope attachment, assuring of correct alignment of the optics.
・Telescopic with vertical length of 720mm as standard
・Loner telescopic length available on request
・Transmitting Heading Device (THD) capability with optional accessories

Compass bowl 165mm dia
Binnacle stand with top cover
Periscope/optics vertical length 720mm as standard
Dimmer control Dual current; 100/110/200 or 220VAC &24VDC
Standard accessories
Deviation correcting magnets 1 set in wooden box
Permalloy plates 10 pcs (for quadrantal correctors)
Flinders bars 1 set (5 pcs)
Shadow pins 1 set with pin stand
Cover sheet Water proof fabric with tie down strings
Spare compass bowl in wooden storage box
Azimuth device AD-02
Transmitting heading device SCP-NT SMART Sensor
NRC-150P Repeater Compass
By-pass tube By-pass tube drawing
Assembling diagram

Compass bowl SR-165M

Azimuth device AD-02


Engineering info

Repeater Compass NRC-150P