Navigating the Maritime Supply Chain
to Rising Tide of Value

Supplying high precision/quality marine equipment
to the world

We are a reliable supply chain partner in marine equipment & instruments industry, and have successfully been supplying high quality Japanese marine equipment & instruments to all over the world with our wide network more than 20 countries over nearly 60years since 1966 when our company was established.

With our Japanese partners, having high precision/quality manufacturing capabilities, we have been supporting our clients in maritime supply chain with adding higher value in products/services.

From old days up to now, the ships are very important vehicles that connect to the world with carrying goods, people, hopes, and dreams. We are hoping to keep contributing to the development in maritime industry by adding higher value.

Corporate Info

Company Name Nichigo Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Headquarters 4F Helios Kannai, 3-21-2 Motohamacho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0004, Japan
Established May 10, 1966
Capital 3 million yen
Major Customers Asia-Pacific, Europe, North and South America, Middle East, North Africa
Major Products Nautical instruments/marine equipment: magnetic compasses, gyro compasses, hydraulic steering gear, autopilots, remote controls, direction finders, turning windows, acoustic equipment, LNG cables/terminal headers, etc.


Steering reliablity since 1916

A leading manufacturer of
navigational instruments and steering system.