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A leading manufacturer of
navigational instruments and steering system

Saura designs and manufactures navigational instruments and systems from precision magnetic compasses to hydraulic steering gear and automatic pilots for coastal navigations.
All these products are carefully designed and well engineered through the extensive and long years of experience in the marine industry.


In 1916, the founder, S. Saura established Saura Works, as a private company in Shiogama, Miyagi, one of the famous and good fishery ports in the northern part of main island of Japan. Patent awarded invention of enameled card and air bubble collection chamber made the design of his compasses so unique and attractive that the head office was moved to Tokyo to better cater for the nationwide sales deployment.

Susscessful business growth necessitated expansion of workshop and on-going renovation of facilities.
By 1933, the company was appointed by Ministry of DOR(presently Dept of Transport) as a recognized factory to provide manufacture and services.
In 1953, incorporated as Saura Keiki Seisakusho Co., Ltd., and succeeded all business of Saura Works.
Exports of magnetic compasses were getting ever thriving, resulted in an official commendation by Ministry of Trade & Industry for outstanding contributions to exports in 1970.

Second half of 1900's was an era of challenges and inovations in rapid succession;
- a first hand bearing compass completed in the domestic market,
- electro-hydraulic steering system with remote control capability,
- sphere (dome type) magnetic compases for professionals
- release of 'MINI-AUTO' series was received with enthusiasm
- development of portable Engine and Helm control for small - mediums sized vessels

Saura auto pilots continue to receive extremely high reputation for unparalleled reliability and quality from all parts of the world.


Apart from the head office in Saitama, Japan, Saura has three other branch offices to cover the entire nationwide operations for sales and service inside Japan.
In addition to these branch offices, there is an extensive network of local dealers for sales and service.

Overseas - Export

While Saura concentrates its resources for the sales and service in the domestic market, the export business operations are represented by the exclusive export agents who specialize in Overseas - Export trades.
As a principle, Overseas - Export enquiries will be handled by the following company;

Nichigo Sangyo Co., Ltd.

46 Kanda-Konya-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0035, Japan
Tel: 03-3256-8549 Fax: 03-3256-8541

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