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Engine Control- Wheel house controls in one hand


ERC-VF is a unique Engine and Helm control combination for coastal commercial crafts.
Its remote control head offers full access to engine and helm controls in one hand and is portable.
With ERC-VF installed, speed and shift of the engine as well as helm can be controlled almost anywhere you want to within the reach of the cable, without compromising on manuevering skills and delicate steering techniques.

Actuator box

Remote handset

Lever control head


Easy to install

All what is required is to link the actuator box and engine control levers by push-pull cables.
Ball joints provided make installation work easy and ensure the rigid cable connections.

Safety design

ERC-VF's electronic control is disengaged instantly by pressing the station transfer button or by switching off, thus, making the conventional control levers to be operated manually in an emergency.

Easy adjustment

Cable strokes can be easily adjusted with a screwdriver to match with the characteristics of various engine controls.

Ample torque with smaller power consumption

Actuator box reduced in size by 30% over the previous model. Energy saving design.


Power source 24VDC
Current drain 2.5A max
Engine control Shift Cable actuating force 30kg max
Stroke 100mm max
Cable actuating speed AHEAD-NEUTRAL and NEUTRAL - ASTERN,
each in one (1) second approx.
Throttle Cable actuating force 45kg max
Stroke 100mm max
Cable actuating speed DEAD SLOW - MAX FULL
in 5 seconds approx.
Applicable push-pull cable Morse #J43xLC, J33C, J34 or equivalent, thread M5
Helm control Steering dial PORT - STARbd, Full-follow-up