Reflector Compass

Reflector compasses for coastal navigation as well as Class A compass complying with IMO resolution suitable for vessels commissioned for international voyage.
Card dia: 165mm and 150mm

Binnacle Stand Compass

Steering/standard binnacle compass without reflector tube.
Card dia: 180mm and 165mm

Table Type Compass

Comes in a compact binnacle case, with full deviation correcting facility.
Card dia: 180mm, 150mm and 130mm

Brass Binnacle Compass

A wide variety of compass card size.
Top cover helmet is a standard supply.

Wooden Box Compass

Professional quality magnetic compass for economical price.

Handbearing Compass

Precision marine handbearing compass.
Lighting is provided for night use.

Lifeboat Compass

Externally gimballed flat top 75mm card dia lifeboat compass,
comes with type approval certificate.

Type Approved Compass

List of compass models accredited for type approval certificate.